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Once you make yourself completely aware of how to recondition old batteries, it does not come out to be a difficult task. To do this you need to know the charge capacity of the battery. This gives you a reason for the lower voltage how of your battery. Many individuals don't had any specialized experience before joining EZ Battery Reconditioning program and now they are selling reconditioned batteries to companies and making good money. Many people are confused about the differences between battery reconditioning and simply recharging batteries. Find more information about battery reconditioning with a Dynapulse at /video_gallery or call Modern Battery Solutions. Battery Reconditioners don't worry about the science. Not tap water or bottled water, you must use distilled water to avoid mineral deposits growing on the lead inside the battery. What this means is you can potentially save yourself a lot of money by reconditioning them instead of buying new ones. While this is the only solution for those people, there is another way you can save money and get a 100% functional battery. Charging the battery does not remove the deposits from the sulphation process. This method i tried with alot of dead and expired batteries and 90% of them back to work again. We tried aluminum sulfate, magnesium sulfate, sodium sulfate and zinc sulfate. Included addition - Battery reconditioning as a business. The life energy of the battery differs to a terrific level depending on the scenario of use, but typically it can state that it is of 2 to 4 years. I have no allegiance whatsoever to the battery industry. In fact- I gotta say the ONLY thing I used that worked was INOX MX2(in 1 batt so far- I will get some more MX2 &try; in other batts to confirm yes or no! Based on the price difference alone, reconditioning the battery for a hybrid is the most attractive option. You should now have an empty battery that's clean and ready for battery reconditioning. The methods are described in detailed pattern, which is usually an E book and allows reconditioning the battery usually of cars, toys, phones, computers, solar panels, torches and so on. Doing this can increase the life of the battery because aluminium does not eat at the plates as fast as the normal electrolyte found in lead acid batteries. On top of that you should anticipate an outlay of about $150 for a computer controlled battery analyzer. It would not only sustain for a long time but would also give new life to the dead batteries. They have an interest in selling you new batteries of course so they might be inclined to say you need new ones. A professional battery reconditioning guide will set you back around $45. Because the battery loads in hybrid automobiles are built to last, it isn't a concern. Reconditioning an aged battery is quite easy process, and successes reach to 60% of the time, leaving you with completely dead batteries at 40% which is not bad, if you consider that you can get them for free! Nevertheless batteries in cordless drills still lose their ability to power the tool. I'm a young marketer who loves making money online and learning from the best information products and software available. In addition to this, the EZ Battery Reconditioning pdf system by Tom Ericson can help you earn huge profits by the selling of the reconditioned batteries. Craig - The earliest patent on rubber battery separators that I have been able to find is US Pat 761,345, to Theodore A Willard, issued on May 31, 1904 - who, ten years later, went on to invent the car battery as we know it today. Finally, the guide even illustrates how to select batteries for purchase. Lithium based batteries age even when they're not used (as you found out). This process is known as sulfation, and is a normal occurrence in lead-acid batteries. Replace the cell covers and rock the battery back and forth about 10 times to enable the mixture to coat all surfaces completely. ICP Solar chargers for batteries are also available for little portable devices. To take into account my aim to solubilize lead sulfate in NaOH, you have to look at the the solubility of lead sulfate in NaOH and the reaction rates (and conditions) of both lead sulfate and lead oxide with NaOH. It is a much better choice to measure the battery levels with a voltmeter, while charging in order to get the best results. All in all, I have not found one problem with this charger. One battery reconditioning substitute is Aluminium sulphate After flushing the battery with baking soda like I mentioned above you can fill it with an electrolyte made from: Aluminium Sulphate plus distilled water. One of the most exciting things about our program is that you can instantly access ALL of our guides online in just 20 seconds from right now! Today after electric desulfation, charging using 3 diff type of chargers, then when sg was still 1.250, modifying sg with concentrated acid to get 1.260- there we are! The first step is checking the terminals to make sure the output is consistent with what your battery should read. It discharges the batt until the bad stuff is blown off the plates, the recalibrates the capacity and recharges it propperly. There are almost unlimited earnings potential, patent pending products. Small details like this can be a big indicator of whether or not the reviewer has intimate inside knowledge of the program or if they are just making general statements based on what they may have seen on the sales page. But the manual said to try reconditioning 2-3 times. The hands-on hybrid electric vehicle battery reconditioning short course has participants interfacing a Prius pack to the EVc-30 reconditioning unit and going through the entire reconditioning process. I'll do the same for EZ Battery Reconditioning Program.